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Foundation sealing and waterproofing

Foundation sealing and waterproofing

When water comes up through your floor, or walls are getting wet, the problem is usually poor drainage outside along the foundation of the house.

To correct this problem, a footer pipe is needed.

footer-sealed-gravel-addedFooter Tile or Footer Pipe is perforated pipe surrounded by gravel laid along the footer under your concrete floor. Because the pipes and below grade , a sump pump is usually needed to discharge the water.

We trench along the outside wall to the footer. Next We seal the foundation wall with a liquid rubber compound, and then add perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. This gravel and pipe are wrapped in Geo Fabric ( a filter to help keep sand and dirt out of the system). The footer pipe now needs a discharge.


If there is fall from the footer to daylight, a trench is dug and solid pipe is laid so the water from the footer can flow away from the area. If there is no fall from the footer to daylight, a sump pit and sump pump is installed with 2″ pipe from the pump to the street or storm or other area away from the house.



Problems of poor drainage along foundation:
Wet Walls,
Wet Floor,
Tile floors crack,
wood floors buckle,
Interior walls crack,
Exterior block crack,
Sticking door or window,
Foundation cracks and floor settles

Costs to install:
A typical Footer pipe for 1 wall (40 feet long) with sump pump discharge can run $3200.00

Yes this is an expense but well worth the cost to solve major problems that occur with poor drainage and will save 10 of 1000’s compared to foundation and footer repair.

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Apple Drains – How To Drainage Videos – Do It Yourself and Save

Hi - Chuck Here with Apple Drains. We Hope these Videos get you started into the your project with Confidence! -

Our Most Popular How To Video’s
Here at Apple Drains, we admire all the Do It Yourself People around the world.
We have hundreds of How to Videos and know they help!

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UK Drainage

Hello Great Britian!

Apple Drains is currently seeking a partner in the UK.
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French Drain Columbus Ohio

French Drain – A French Drain can be used to collect water from a low spot in the yard, along a Basement Wall or Crawl Space wall, even under a driveway or along a retaining wall.

The Downspout Drain is the most important drain in the system. Look at how all the drains in the yard, driveway and eben from the crawl space attach to this drain.

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The system works like this;
Water floods up into the bottom of the trench which is filled with gravel. The water then enters the Perforated pipe which has holes pointing down into the gravel. As the water table rises in the trench, the water begins to flow throough the pipe and is carried away.

French Drain Along Side Basement Wall

Catch Basins are added to help collect the Surface water.

1st a trench is dug to the proper depth,
2nd a base of gravel is laid to allow water to flood up into the pipe.
3rd perforated pipe is install with holes pointing down into the gravel.
4th more gravel is added covering the enite pipe.
5th (optional) a soil seperater is used to cover the gravel.
6th backfill the trench and remove the excess soil.

The system will work well to remove water from low spots in the yard. There also need to be a downhill run to carry the water away once it is collected by the gravel and perforated pipe.

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Drain Clean Out, Roots and Debris, French Drain, Downspout Drain, Yard Drain

1st line 127.50 and 50.00 each additional
Regular cost 227.50

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Drain Clean Out – Roots & Debris

Maintenance Drain Cleaning is by far the best Money you can spend on your foundation. Keeping the drains open and free flowing will help prevent costly repairs to the foundation. We use a drain cleaning machine made specifically to remove Roots and Debris from the drain line. It will not only clean the drain, but we can also find sections of pipe that may be collapsing or failing. Then we can dig them up and repair them.

Please use the Service Sign Up to schedule your maintenance. We’ll put you in the schedule and come to clean the drains you specify. Or we can clean all of them and the gutters too!

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French Drain, Holes Point Down

The holes in the pipe of any Gravel / Perforated System Should Point Down.

Holes Point Down

The system works from the bottom to the top. In other words, water will fill the bottom of the trench first so if the holes are at the bottom of the trench, the water enter the pipe long before the water rises up to the top of the trench and reaches the holes if they point up.

Remember, there is gravel surrounding the pipe. Water easily travels through the gravel.

Gravel surounds the pipe

Its actually much better to watch a video to help understand this.
Here are 2 great video’s by Apple Drains which makes it easy to understand..

Also See..

Slotted pipe can also be used for gravel perforated systems. Slotted means there are holes all the way around the pipe. So it doesn’t matter which way you lay your pipe. The slots will allow the water to enter the system at any level as the water rises UP through the gravel.

NOTE – Just beacuse there looks like there are more holes in slotted pipe, the same volume of water will enter the pipe.

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How To Waterproof Your Basement, Waterproofing by Apple Drains, Charlotte NC

Watch How To Video
Complete Sump Pump Set Up and Installation

Watch Video BelowHow To Waterproof Your Basement

OLD FIELD TILES - Cermic or Cement - Filled with dirt.

Fixing a wet basement is all about proper drainage. Both inside under the floor and outside at the Footer level.

To help understand the outside drainage, let’s get on the same page for terms.
FOOTER – this is a concrete slab poured all the way around the perimeter of the home. Usually 8 to 16 wide and 8 to 16 deep. The footer is dug after the site has been excavated. The n a concrete truck pulls up and pours its load into the trench. The workers use shovels to help the concrete flow around the trench untill its full and relatively level.

FOUNDATION – This is wall that sits on the Footer. Usually made of Cement Block or Bricks.

Most water infiltration occurs between the footer and the fist course of block or bricks. WHY? Because the the first course is laid in a bed of mortar to start a level foundation wall. It is here that water begins it path into and under your floor. The mortar, although very strong and bonds the block or brick together, alos gets tiny cracks in it. As water rise up along the outside of the wall, it finds pathways through the mortar.

FLOOR – This is a poured concrete that sits a few inches above the footer. It is usually 3 to 4 inches thick.

INSIDE FOOTER TILES – This is like a French Drain under the floor alonhg side of the FOOTER. It aloughs water to to flood up into the gravel and into the perforated pipe and dishcarge into a SUMP PIT Where the water is pumped up and out of the basement.

OUTSIDE FOOTER TILES – This is like a French Drain outside the foundation wall. Gravel perforated pipe set just below the top of the footer. It aloughs water to flood up through the gravel and into the perforated pipe which carries the water away. It needs to discharge to Daylight (that means it needs a gravity or Down Hill to flow away from the home.)

OK! Lets take a look at OLD SCHOOL style of OUTSIDE FOOTER TILE SYSTEM.

OLD FIELD TILES - Cermic or Cement - Filled with dirt.

This what a broken tile looks like. (sorry poor lighting) but you can see it is broken and filled with dirt. Water just sits in the tile, on the footer and eventually back up under the floor causing water in the basement.

Broken Field Tile at Footer

Excavating the outside wall is long and hard and YES it makes a big mess. However this is the best way to waterproof your basement. Not only can you install Footer Tiles, but you can also seal the wall with a Liquid Rubber Sealer that will form a great barrier against water.

Cover the perforated pipe with Gravel

A Sealed wall with new Fotter tile system and lots of gravel is shown below. Next we’ll use a soil seperator to cover the gravel then back fill the trench.

Sealed Wall and New Footer Tiles with Gravel ready to backfill

Back fill with care! Putting the dirt back is its own reward! Once its all back in the trench, it will be a little high. That is OK. It will settle.

If you need to dig out for a discharge pipe, do it now! Don’t just assume the old line is working. It probably is full of dirt too!

BACK FILL the trench and let it rain. Your basement will stay dry!

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Add a Rain Chain from Gutter

Adding a Rain Chain is great decoratove addition to your home. Water flows around the chain as it comes down from gutter. Glistening and shining all the water down to the cround. Its just plain beautiful to watch.

Watch A Short Video of this installation..

So what do you do with the water after it comes down the chain? It needs a drain.

Sevetral option are avaialble, but we prefer to install a gravel pit with a 4″ discharge to carry the water away. We use 18″ culvert pipe, cut to length (depth of about 18 inches or so). Next we dig out the pit and trench for the pipe discharge. Then we cut a hole inthe culvert pipe about 1 foot below grade. Install the culvert pipe into the pit and hook of up the 4″ discharge pipe. Finally we fill the pit with 3/4 inch drainage rock and cover the trench back up (back fill). That’s it!

The way the pit works is, as water comes down the chain into the gravel, it slowly fills up from the bottom. The discharge pipe acts as an overflow outlet so the pit should never overflow. The water risees up until it reaches the outlet pipe. From there is simple flows away.

A great Weekend project for the home owner. A True Do It Yourself French Drain.

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YARD DRAIN, back yard Sump Pump

Many homes in the Charlotte Metro Area have yards that slope or grade towards the house and because the lowest point of the yard is below the street curb, a Sump Pump is sometimes used to lift the water from the low spot and pump it out to the street. This a fairly common practice but the key is to use a GOOD SUMP PUMP. We use only Zoeller Pumps for this installation.

Zoeller Pump N267

Below is a drawing and photos of a recent install using a Zoeller N267 Sump Pump. The N267 is a 1/2 horsepower pump with a 2″ discharge. The pump is exteremly powerful and can push water 100 plus feet easily. The pump is no little store bought pump. This pump weighs almost 50 lbs and the retail cost is just over 500.00. While it might sound high in cost, we know it will last a lifetiime!

Take a look at the drawing first. You’ll see just how much water we are draining into the sump pump. The garage has a roof area of over 3000 sq feet. The driveway also drains into the sump pit via the catch basins at the side. Even the neighbors yard will drain into the system. All in all, its about 2000 gallons per 1″ rain fall. That is a lot of water!!!

Click The Drawing to enlarge..
Then click again! –

While we know and Always tell our customers, “You can never beat Mother Nature”, we do try to get as much drainage out of a system as possible. Sure, it will rain so hard some day, that the pump cannot keep up, but it will take it out quickly! This system will keep up with huge rainfalls, and you’ll rest peacefully knowing it was done right!

Digging out the Sump Pit

This photo shows the digging out of the sump pit. Yes, its going to be deep. It has to be down at least 3 feet to accomidate the drain pips that will feed it.

Remember! Water Runs Down Hill! So it gets deeper as you go. That’s why we have a pump. The lines will be down so deep, that gravity cannot gp to the street. The Pump has to lift the water and then go to the street.
– –

catch basin collects water from lowest point

Next we are showing the (2) catch basins at the side of the drive. The basins are 12×12 inches. That means 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The discharge of these basins runs to the sump pit and they are down about 18″ inches deep. Water from the drive way is collected by these basins and empties into the sump pit where the sump pump lifts it up and pumps it to the street.

Notice there are (3) inlet lines coming into the pit. See drawing above. Catch Basins, Downspouts and Neighbors Yard, all come into this pit. Then The Pump Lifts the water up and out to the street.

To Learn more about Back Yard Sump Systems, please call or email us. We’ll be happy to help!

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Note: Every Install is different. Depending on the trench, what’s underground such as utilities, and things. So the cost are averages.

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French Drain


What is a French Drain?
Its actually a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel.

The way it works is, water floods UP in through the gravel and into holes in the pipe. Then the pipe allows the water to flow Downhill away from the area.

We install French Drains Everyday!
We have several Youtube Video’s showing French Drains how to install.

Take A Look at the Video Below to See HOW A FRENCH DRAINS WORKS

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