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Average Cost French Drain, Rate Info Apple Drains, Fall 2013

Average Rate info for drainage work
Please Note – These are average prices. Your job will be different, but this give you some idea of costs. Please use our service sign up sheet to schedule an estimate or service

French Drain
4″ Perforated Pipe surrounded by 3/4 inch washed stone.
50 feet = $940.00 Installed
100 feet = $1760 Installed
includes all parts and labor.
Sump Pump in Crawl Space
– – $960 Installed
– – Includes Sump Pit, Zoeller M53 1/3 hp Pump,
Gravel surrounding pit.
Does Not Include Electrical work.
Downspout Drain Line
100 feet = 960.00 Installed
Includes 4″ solid pipe (corrugated), All Fittings and Downspout Adaptors
Catch Basins
12″ x 12″ with grate = 160.00 Installed
9′ x 9″ with grate = $120.00 Installed

We do lots of other types of drains like Channel Drain, Trench Drain, Moisture Barrier, Footer Tile in the crawl space, Interior and Exterior Waterproofing , sealing basement and ceawl space walls, Drain Cleaning, and Repair. This article help give sme idea of costs to install a drainage system.

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3 Common Mistakes while Installing a French Drain

The most common mistakes when installing a French Drain start with
1) The Perforated Pipe has the Holes Pointing Upward
2) Not enough gravel under the pipe
3) Not enough fall for the pipe to discharge.

Holes Point Down

When installing a French Drain, its best know how the system works. here is a great exapmle of how and why a French Drain gather water from the yard. How a FRENCH DRAIN Works, by Apple Drains

1- Holes in the Perfoated pipe need to point down to allow the water to Quickly flood from the trench into the pipe. The pipe can be slotted or have holes in one side. Slotted pipe works best in deep trench, while pipe with holes in one side works better with shallow hand dug trenches.

2 – A good base of gravel is needed UNDER the Perforated pipe. This is because water must flood up trhough the gravel into the holes of the pipe. Its nearly impossible for water to drop into the holes of the pipe so with a good base of gravel underneath the pipe, water is sure to enter the pipe quickly.

3 – The pipe need to empty downhill from where ever you are installing it. Be sure to check this out before you begin this project. Remember, a Low spot in the yard usually means its difficult for the natural slope of the yard to carry the water away. Adding a FRENCH DRAIN will help only if there is downhill fall away from the area.
(options for no downhill fall is to install a sump pit and pump to lift the water up and discharge uphill from the area)

For more information on Installation, please check this site. There many articles about french drains.

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French Drain, Holes Point Down

The holes in the pipe of any Gravel / Perforated System Should Point Down.

Holes Point Down

The system works from the bottom to the top. In other words, water will fill the bottom of the trench first so if the holes are at the bottom of the trench, the water enter the pipe long before the water rises up to the top of the trench and reaches the holes if they point up.

Remember, there is gravel surrounding the pipe. Water easily travels through the gravel.

Gravel surounds the pipe

Its actually much better to watch a video to help understand this.
Here are 2 great video’s by Apple Drains which makes it easy to understand..

Also See..

Slotted pipe can also be used for gravel perforated systems. Slotted means there are holes all the way around the pipe. So it doesn’t matter which way you lay your pipe. The slots will allow the water to enter the system at any level as the water rises UP through the gravel.

NOTE – Just beacuse there looks like there are more holes in slotted pipe, the same volume of water will enter the pipe.

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Installing a French Drain

How a French Drain Works

This article talks about how and why a french drain works.
You can also watch a video that illustrates how water flows through the gravel and into the perforated pipe.

A French Drain is a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. It is used to collect water from a low spot in the yard. The pipe is usually 4″ Perforated (holes or slotted) and is encased in 3/4 inch washed stone.

Catch basins can be added to this system to help collect immeadiate water run off. The pipe needs to discharge downhill from the low spot in the yard. OK.. That’s the basics. Now let’s look at a typical problem we find in a back yard or side yard…

Usually when we get a call to give an estimate we find a couple of things almost always.

  • A landscape company has come in and tried to mobe the water away from the low spot.
  • The grade of the yard slopes towards the house . When it rains, water floods the area.

Its great that your landscaper wanted to try to help, but since it didn’t work and you have called us out, we know the problem is worse than before they tried to fix it. Our congrats to the landscaper, but if you are going to take on this project, Do It Right the First Time!

To make a French Drain work (yard drain) the trench should be deep enough to allow water to flood from the bootom of the trench up through the gravel into the pipe. The way the system works is:

  • a gravel base is laid under the pipe .
  • the holes in the perforated pipe point DOWN
  • Gravel is added to surround the pipe and cover the pipe.
  • gravel should be be brought to grade (the level of the sod) .. If this is not possible, then a fabric (soil seperater) needs to be added to cover the gravel so dirt can be put back on top and sod re-laid or re seeded. If this is the case, catch basins must be added in a series to allow immeadiate water run off. (the gravel brought to grade works BEST with additional catch basins in low spots)
  • As water drops into the trench, it falls to the bootom of the trench. It flows through the voids inthe gravel VERY QUICKLY.
  • Holes are pointing DOWN becuase it allows the fastest pick up (collection) of water into the system. If holes are pointing up to the top of the pipe, the water tends to saturate the soil casuing the wet spots to remain long after the rain.

Discharging the water

This is very important and its kind of a No Brainer. Water needs to run downhill. The discharge must be lower that the deepest part of the trench. To make this happen, there must be a down hill run away from the area. Someties we have to trench through a hill to get good slope for our system to work. (this is usually the case since the water is getting trapped in th elow spot to begin with.

If there is no downhill run away from the area, in other words, if the pipe is running up to discharge, it will not work. So what can be done?

We suggest and recommend installing a sump pump. The yard drain is the same as described above but it discharges into a sump pit where the sump pump lifts the water up and can push it up hill to discharge. The pump we most commomly use is a ZOELLER M 53 (mighty mate). This pump can easy lift the water to ahead (total lifting capacity) of 25′. Its extremely powerful for a small 1/3 of horse power submersiable pump. The pit is 24 inches deep which allows for great water collection and allows the pump to easily cycle the water. We install a solid lid on the pit making secure and safe. The pump discharges water through a 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe. (while this sounds small, it works great and is more than enough for most applications) .

Lastly, there needs to be an electrical outlet installed next to the sump pit. This is because extension cords are not to code for a sump pump. They work, but its better to have a GFI Electircal outlet installed.

Ok! So when you are ready to have a True French Drain Installed, Give us a call. We’ll be happy to take a look and write you up a FREE Estimate. Our estimates have drawing with proposed drainage and ALL associated cost.

We Do Complete Rainwater Drainage!

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DIY – Home Depot vs Lowes

Sump Pump Will lift the water out of the trench

Because we install drainage systems everyday, the need for that one little part to fix something arises every day. So of course we head to the closest hardware store. Sometimes its a Home Depot sometimes its a Lowes.

We don’t buy certain things from either store, like a Good Catch Basin or A Good Sump Pump. Those kind of things are better bougth from the parts supplier. But a small fitting or maybe some sheet metal screws are always a need.

Which do we prefer? That is a good Question.
Both stores a very well stocked. Both stores have similar prices. So which one is better for us?

The answer is quite simple. We go to the closest one and hope they have what we need. If they don’t, then we drive to the other. Either way, it takes time out of your day to go get parts.

You can usually figure a good hour to go get a 3.00 part. Its amazing. Traffic alone here in Charlotte makes it slow going. And Of Course we carry lots of parts on our trucks. Everything from Pipe and Fittings to Pumps and Catch Basins, but sometimes, we need just one little part to complete an install and becuase we Do It Right The First Time, we will not take the short cout to complete the install. It doesn’t change the cost to the customer to go geta part or even come back the next day. It does change our cost since there is a crew of 3 to 5 guys and they are getting paid no matter what.

Sometimes we go to Lowes or Home Depot 1st thing in the morning. This is best time to get things from either store. The staff and sales people are so friendly. They bend over backwards to help you. Plus! The store is usually empty except for the contractors that like to get things done right!

So which store do we prefer?
We like them both!

Home Depot vs Lowes. Let us know which store you like in the commnets box below!

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Apple Drains, Florida Drain & Gutter

Water Problems? We Can Help! We do it everyday!

Apple Drains,
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Jacksonville, Florida Service North and Central Florida, South Georgia and A new Office in Tampa

We will have a new office in Tampa Florida with service to Orlando, St Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota and all surrounding areas.


Gutters & Downspouts –
Cleaning & Repair
New Gutters
Leaf Protection too!

Downspout Drain Lines
Cleaned & Repaired
New Drain lines Installed

Curb Holes
Concrete Drilling and Cutting

Driveway Drains
Channel Drains
Floor Drains
Catch Basins

French Drains
Yard Drains

Crawl Space
Footer Tiles
Sump Pumps

Commercial Waterproofing
Slab, foundation, footer, building

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How Much Does it Cost for Drainage?

Data gathered from Apple Drains, Drainage Contractors, Charlotte NC
2011 installs of downspout drains, yard drains, channel drains, french drains, gravel drains, catch basins, storm drains, gutter drains, roof drains.

Please Note: Your Install could be higher depending on what we are trenching through.

NEW – 2013 Average Cost

Downspout Drains – Yard Drains – French Drains some average costs of installation

Coming in December – NEW DATA
Based on 2011 Apple Drains Installs.
See AlsoCrawl Space Average Costs

Includes Yard Drains and Channel Drains

Data gathered from Apple Drains, Drainage Contractors, Charlotte NC
2011 installs of downspout drains, yard drains, channel drains, french drains, gravel drains, catch basins, storm drains, gutter drains, roof drains.

PLEASE NOTE: this only an approximate cost of averages. Your install could be higher or lower depending on the yard, landscape, length, and other factors.

We’ll Make it Right
The First Time!

Downspout Drains

Job Description

Average Cost

Downspout Drain Line
*100 feet* – 4″ PVC # 3000 S &D Pipe
Install New 4″ Solid PVC # 3000 S &D type Pipe with all fittings and downspout adapters. Trench line to proper depth and grage, install new pipe and connect to downspouts. Discharge to Street. Use Pop Up for Discharge at curb. Move excess soil to low spots and grade. Re seed. Includes all Parts and Labor, Locate Underground Utilities $840.00
Downspout Drain Line
*100 feet* – 4″ ADS Corrugated Pipe
Install New 4″ ADS Corrugated type Pipe with all fittings and downspout adapters. Trench line to proper depth and grage, install new pipe and connect to downspouts. Discharge to Street. Use Pop Up for Discharge at curb. Move excess soil to low spots and grade. Re seed. Includes all Parts and Labor, Locate Underground Utilities $690.00
Yard Drains
French Drains – Gravel Drains
Install 100′ feet of 4″ Perforated Pipe, surround (encased) by 3/4 inch stone. Trench Excavate to proper depth and grade. Remove soil, install gravel and perforated pipe, ** Bring gravel to grade for BEST collection of water ** Cover with landscape cloth to help prevent soil infiltration. -Add soil to cover, re seed. Move excess soil to beds and foundation walls to help move water away from foundation. $1060.00
Channel Drains
Driveway Install
Install Channel Drain across driveway in front of double garage doors
Length of Channel Drain is 24 feet.
INSTALL – Cut concrete and hammer out and remove. – Trench Excavate to proper depth, remove debris and soil. – Install new 5″ NDS channel Drains and secure. Back fill and re pour concrete to grade and finish. (does not include the discharge drain line – see above for average costs on drain lines)

SUMP PUMP AND SUMP PIT – PIT NDS 24″ Depth with Solid Lid Cover – PUMP ZOELLER M53, 1/3 HP — $960.00

* rounded to 100 feet, could have been 80 feet or more –
This is the average length per 1 side of home from back downspout to street.
Coupon may also have been used in this average..

Where is she going?
Click Here to Find Out!!

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4 Rainwater Drainage Problems and Solutions

This video is Interactive. That means you can click a drainage issue and the video will play that video. you can easily choose again or re-watch or forward or back.


Drop us a Quick Note or ask a question. We’ll be happy to answer.

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French Drain for Do It Yourself, Gravel Drain, Catch Basin, Yard Drain

Here is a fairly simply install for a homeonwer. A french drain to help dry up a wet spot in the yard.

The Video shows footage of gravel perforated pipe (holes point down) and catch basins beinginstalled. All the parts come from a lowes or home depot. Lots of gravel here. 20 feet of perforated pipe takes about 20 bags of gravel (if you buy it by the bag.

Call us for a free estimate!

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