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French Drain Santa Cruz CA

To help further our video series, we are looking to do an install in Santa Cruz California. If you live in this area and would like us to install a French drain or crawl space drain, please use our service sign up sheet or call us!

We can offer you a reduced rate and help solve your drainage problem.

This is a limited offer. So please contact us soon.

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How to Install Drainage in Yard

Apple Drains has a complete library of Video How To. Free! Its on YouTube.

We have over 11,000,000 views.
Covers all rainwater drainage problems and solutions. Everything from French Drains and Crawl Space – Basement Waterproofing to Driveway Channel Drains, Catch Basin, Sump Pumps and Sump Basins, How and where to install. Even how to dig, how to tunnel a sidewalk, and connect pipe.

The Most Complete DIY video!

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Video Consulting via Skype, Get The Help You Need

LIVE HELP! Video Consulting. We can answer any question and help save you time and money with your drainage project.

LIVE HELP! Video Consulting. We can answer any question and help save you time and money with your drainage project.

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You will need to load Skype on your phone or tablet. That way you can show us your project or problem.

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How to Tunnel a Sidewalk for French Drain Pipe, with Pop Up Emitter

Tools Needed.
Large regular Shovel – Small trenching Shovel


Prep Area –
Dig out both sides of walk about 6 to 8 feet. This is so you can use large shovel and stay flat without digging a belly under the walk


Use large shovel 1st. Remove dirt from the top of the concrete and then push shovel flat into and under the walk to remove the dirt


Once you have gone as far as you can with big shovel, now use small trenching shovel. Same thing. Remove dirt from top of concrete and then dig flat out under to remove soil.




Soon you will be more than 1/2 ways through. Then move to other side and repeat the steps until you have 4″ hole under walk!


You may need to adjust your hole. Simple use small trenching shovel and widen as needed.


Pull pipe under and back fill as best you can under the walk.


Your Done!

Watch the video !
Its really not that hard!
You can do this!

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French Drain with Sump Pump, Florida Homes

Most drainage problems in Florida, in areas like Orlando, Melbourne, Daytona, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville and the panhandle come from very level or even below grade yards. During a severe thunderstorm, tropical depression or hurricane, rainfall rates exceed the norm. Water has no place to go. So the yard floods, water enters the house, driveways flood, and the backyard stays wet for days.

A French Drain must have a discharge point that s down hill from the lowest point in the yard. So sometimes (most all the time) a Sump Pump is needed. The Pump is installed in a Sump Basin (pit). It can be 24″ inches deep or more. Now the French Drain and other drains can be discharged (run down hill) to the sump basin. Then a good pump can lift the water up and send it to the street or storm.

red1_apple Visit our Florida Website for more info on Florida Drainage. Office in Orlando, Serving South Florida, Central Florida, West Coast Florida and North Florida

French Drain Cleaning

$277.50 1st line and $50.00 each additional
Schedule a clean today
These pipes need cleaned every 2 to 3 years for proper flow. Helps Your Crawl Space Dry, Your Yard from Flooding and reduces cost of replacement

Back Yard Sump Pump System.. With French Drain and Catch Baisin

Back Yard Sump Pump System.. With French Drain and Catch Baisin

Sump Basin with Sump Pump installed to remove water coming from the French Drain

Sump Basin with Sump Pump installed to remove water coming from the French Drain

We install French Drain with Sump Pump Systems everyday. It Works!

Back Yard Sump Pump
A good video reference for DIY

Back yard sump pumps are efficient and affordable. a good 1/3 horsepower pump will move 60 to 89 gallons a minute.. (Think of trash can full of water, The pump will empty the trash can in under a minute.) A Good 1/2 horsepower pump will move 80 to 120 gallons per minute! A Good 1 horsepower sump pump can move 120 to 130 gallons per minute!

Of course you can never beat Mother Nature, but you can help keep the water out.

A French drain (perforated pipe surrounded by 3/4 inch gravel) with a couple catch basins, will collect the water from the yard and send it to the sump basin, then the sump pump can lift it up and send out through a 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch PVC pipe to the street or storm.

Dig out to install system

Dig out to install system

Back Yard Sump with Driveway Channel Drain

How far can it pump?
This is called the HEAD. Most 1/3 horsepower pumps can easily push the water 100 to 150 feet, with a lift of 5 feet. Of course the gallons per minute begin to drop so it might only pump 40 to 50 gallons per minute at 5 foot lift and 100 foot discharge. This is still a trash can full of water every minute! Fast!

Here is another good video reference of a backyard sump pump with French drain. This system moves water fast!

How much does a system cost?
Depending on the length of the french drain, the depth of the French drain and length of the 1 1/2 inch PVC discharge from the pump an average cost to install is just under 2800.00. Yes, its an expense but well worth it to solve the flooding issue and help protect y9our home from water damage, mold, wood root, and termites.

Most homes in Florida are built on a concrete slab, and actually need this system more than homes with crawl space or basements. The concrete slab is very porous. As water pressure builds under the slab, it comes up though the slab at the weakest point (usually at the wall where the 1st course of block has been laid. Once a pathway has been established by the water, it will continue to go there even in lighter rains.

Protect your investment. Install a Sump Pump system with foundation and French drains. Direct the downspout drains away and attach them to the sump basin or if you are lucky enough to have fall (downhill grade away from the house) trench these drain lines to the street.

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Underground drains work to move water away from foundation and home. Channel Drain, French Drain, Yard Drain, Gravel Drain, Curtain Drain, Sump Pump, Sump Basin, Discharge, Pop Up Emitter, PVC Pipe, Drainage Contractor, Home Repair, Landscaping, Weed Control, Drain Tile, Footer Pipe, Foundation Drain, slab home, water damage, wet yard solution

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Help Wanted

We are current looking for Operation and working service manager in Charlotte NC. Person would take over operations, scheduling, estimates and installs. The right person for this position would need good communication skills, knowledge of drainage problems both French Drain and Crawl Space.

Please contact us via our Service Sign Up Page . let us know you are interested in this position and use the description field to give us a brief resume or job qualifications.

Pay Rate – is high for the right person.

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Apple Drains - Drainage Contractors  - Charlotte NC

Apple Drains – Drainage Contractors – Charlotte NC

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Do It Yourself, The French Drain, Everything you need and where to get it.

Installing a French Drain is a project the homeowner could do themselves. All the parts are readily available from Lowes or Home Depot. Just be prepared to do some work.

Here is everything you need to install a gravel drain (French Drain)

1st you need the pipe.
These are 100 foot rolls of both Soild and Perforated Pipe. This is from Lowes but Home Depot has the same stuff.
NOTE – Remember you need Perforated Pipe (has holes in it) that will be surrounded by Gravel for a French Drain.

100 foot rolls of perforated pipe at Lowes

2nd will be the gravel –
How Much Gravel Do you Need? A lot!
Best way to figure how many bags is 1 bag will cover about 2′ feet of a trench 14 to 16 inches deep. So if you are installing 60 feet of pipe, you’ll need at least 30 bags.

3rd you will need some way to transport your gravel. While you could put in your car or trunk, better is a truck, or trailer to haul the gravel and pipe and shovels and wheel barrels, etc..

Transporting the gravel for a french drain

4th You need a wheel barrel to move the gravel to the area you are digging. You carry each bag, but each bag weighs 40 lbs. So a wheel barrel allows you to move more than 1 at a timne and is much easier.

Wheel barrels bring the gravel from the trailer to the rear yard where the low spot is

5th – You need shovels, picks, axe, and rake to dig your trench.. Pretty much you will be digging through mud if its a really bad low spot. Water will have saturated the soil. But if you believe you can do something 🙂

Trenched section of yard for French Drain

You may also need a Catch Basain or 2.
NOTES – Catch Basins help collect immediate surface water run off – Gravel Perforated Pipe helps collect subsurface water. Together they work to remove the water from your low spot.

6 – Once the Trench is complete, including your discharge (this where the water is going to flow), its time to install the Gravel and Pipe.
1st lay a small base of gravel in the trench. Next Install the Perforated Pipe with HOLES POINTING DOWN. Connect your catch basins then cover with gravel. We like to bring ou gravel to grade to really make the water drop into our system, but you cancover the gravel with soil. If doing this, be sure to use a soil seperater fabric. Youdon’t need to wrap the trench in this fabric, it will simply slow the flow of water into the gravel and also the fabric will get packed with dirt and further slow the water infiltration into the gravel. Some people think its best to wrap the gravel and or the pipe, but actually the life of the systemis still the same. 15 to 20 years.

Holes Point Down from Perforated Pipe for the French Drain

Lastly – Lay your all the gravel and pipe, rake out the excess soil to fill other low spots and help water drain into your system. Make sure your Catch Basin Grate is just below grade to allow that water to flow quickly into the catch basin!

Raking out the excess soil from your install of a French Drain

Congratulations! You did it!
This is Chuck with Apple Drains, Reminding You..
If You Believe You Can Do Something, I Guarantee You Can Do It!

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Apple Drains – How To Drainage Videos – Do It Yourself and Save

Hi - Chuck Here with Apple Drains. We Hope these Videos get you started into the your project with Confidence! -

Our Most Popular How To Video’s
Here at Apple Drains, we admire all the Do It Yourself People around the world.
We have hundreds of How to Videos and know they help!

Complete List of How Top Videos Here
Apple Drains – Watch On YouYube for best viewing

Below are the top 8 videos.

1 – French Drain for Do It Yourself Project, By Apple Drains


3 – How To – Basement Waterproofing – DIY – Exterior Wall – Foundation Waterproofing – Seal Wall

4 – How To Install Perforated Pipe, French Drain for Do It Yourself Job

5 – 4 Common Rainwater Drainage Problems and How To Solve Them, Apple Drains, Drain Contractors

6 – Waterproofing – How to waterproof your foundation

7 – Simple Steps to Installing a French Drain. Simple step by step instructions from Apple Drains

8 – Channel Drain, Driveway Drain, Install

Complete List of How Top Videos Here
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Waterproofing, Sump Pump, Downspout Drain, Basement

Description of Waterproofing
Some of the things we use to waterproof.
Please see – Basement Waterproofing for complete How To and Details

Sump Pumps A sump pump is the best way to remove water. Its fast, queit and very reliable.

We use Zoeller Pumps. Most commonly, Model M53 submersible with a 1/3 Horsepower motor, 1 ½ inch discharge line, and check valve to prevent back flow. To Date, we have not every been back to replace one of these pumps! That’s not to say they last forever, but they do last a long long time!

Sump Pits A Sump Pit (the liner) is 24″ deep and surrounded by gravel to promote drainage into the pit. The pit is large enough to allow water to gather for the pump to lift it out. It comes witha solid lid cover to to help reduce moisture and radon gas!

Cores The Core is a hole drilled through the foundatin wall. The hole is usually 2″ which allows the 1 ½ inch PVC pipe to be inserted. Its a perfect fit! We can core walls, foundations, and curbs!

Pipe PVC Pipe is our choice for most drain lines. The solid pipe has smooth inside walls allowing water to easily flow through it. Size depends on the application. Downspout Drain Lines and Yard Drains, usually use 4 inch pipe. Storm Drains might use 6 inch or even 8 inch.
We also use Corrugated Pipe. This pipe is strong and comes in 100 foot rolls. It comes inSolid and perforated (holes in it). We use it for Yard Drains, French Drains, Foundation Drains and encase (surround) the pipe in gravel to help promote drainage.

Trenching Trenching is done with a Ditch Witch, a machine used to trench fast and effectively to the proper depth. We don’t make a mess! We lay our tarps to catch the soil. After we Back Fill the trench, we move the excess to low spots or foundation walls and grade it out.

We Also Hand Dig. Shovels and Picks are used to help prevent damage to Utilities, such as Telephone, Cable, Gas, Electric and Sprinklers.

We call to locate utilities on every job. Utitlies are marked with paint and flags showing us where they are and allows us to adjust our installation accordingly..

Concrete Work Driveways, Basement Floors, Side Walks, Patio’s.. Concrete is not a problem for us to cut and repalce. We have the right tools for any job.

When we need to trench a line through a driveway, we simply cut out a trench about 8 inches wide, remove the concrete, dig down to install our pipe , backfill and re-pour the concrete. No Worries! You’ll be surprised how good it looks when we are finished.

Concrete is actually one of the easiest things to trench through when you have the right equipment. No need to pay higher prices like others charge because they have to rent equipment.

We Cut Concrete Everyday and We’ll Do It Right The First Time!

This is best video that shows WHERE and HOW water enters your Crawl Space or Basement. We actually put the camera INSIDE a void in the wall.

We suggest you watch it a couple times. It will amaze you what we find when we dig down the outside of basement or crawl space wall…

ByApple Drains

Simple Steps to a Dry Basement

Wet Basement?

We Can Help!

Following the steps below will help you determine where the problem is and How To Fix it.

1) Gutters – Are they overflowing?
2) Downspout Drain – Is there a gap between the downspout and the pipe that goes underground?
3) Is the Downspout Drain Clooged?
4) Is your sump pump working?
5) Is the Footer System working? (this is the gravel / perforated pipe that runs under the basement floor and empties into the sump pit)

Ok.. Start with Step 1 – Gutters. Look to see if they have been overflowing, especially in the corners and at the downspout. You can usually see evidence of overflowing gutters eith by a drip line on the ground below the gutter and or by debrisd on the outside of the gutter.

If the gutters are overflowing, they need to be clean.
We also suggest a good gutter screen or guard to keep them free of debris.

Gutter Cleaning is usually done with a Blower. We blow out the debris from the gutter and the downspout. Average cost is 65.00 to 140.00 depending on the slope of the roof. Gutter Screen runs $2 to $3 per foot Installed.

2 – Downspout Drain – Look for a gap between the downspout and the pipe going underground. If there is a gap then it needs attenntion. Also look at the Sump Pump Discharge where it comes out of the house fromn the basement. If there is a gap here, it needs prompt attention.

So what caused the gap? Most of the time its a blogged or broken Downspout Drain going to the street. Or it could be from settling, but more thsan likely, its blocked drain.

To repair gap, the underground pipe at the wall needs to be dug up and replaced from the 1st elbow underground back straight up to the downspout. We call this a Downspout Adaptor Repair. The average cost to repair a Downspout Adpapter runs $40.00 to $65.00. Depends on the pipe , landscaping, depth etc..

3- To Clean the Downspout Drain Line, we use a Sewer Machine with a 3/4 inch Steel Cable that goes in the pipe and removes the roots or mud. However if the underground drain is broked or collapsed, it will need to be dug and replaced. Average cost of cleaning is 127.50 for the 1st line and 50.00 each additional line.

To replace a line from spouts to street can vary, but the average is about 9 to 15 per foot installed. so a 100 feet is 900 to 1500.00 installed.

4 –Sump Pumps– If the Sump Pump is not working, the sump pit may be filled with water. If the pump is able to lift the water from under your floor, bad things can happen – Wet walls, peeling paint, wet floors, floods and even the floor itself cn buckle from the water pressure under the floor. Walls can buckle, Foundation can shift and you can see this can very costly to repair.

To replace a Sump Pump the average cost is 475.00. That includes a new Zoeller M53 – 1/3 Horsepower pump with 1 1/2 inch discharge, and A new Check Valve to prevent back flow and a fittings and pipe.

5 – The Footer Tile Sysem – If the footer tiles are clogged or blocked, very little water gets to the sump pit. The walls start to show wet spots and the floor may also have wet areas. Again as mentioned above. bad things begin to happen when the Footer Sytem is left unattended.

To Replace the footer tiles under the floor, we use a concrete saw to cut the floor along the perimter of the basement. Then we Jack – Hammer out the old concrete and dig up the old Gravel and Perforated Pipe – New Gravel and Perforated pipe is installed, NEw Weep holes in the block below the floor are drilled, covered with plastic and new conrete is re poured.

Average cost to replace Footer Tiles (interior) 40 to 80.00 per foot and that does not include Sheet rock, Baseboard or any other finish materials.

Most of the time we find the Downspout Drain is the problem. That gap between the downspout and the underground drain pipe is most common problem and very inexpensive to fix compared to a new footer system. Even a new Pump is a good investment.

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