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Foundation sealing and waterproofing

Foundation sealing and waterproofing

When water comes up through your floor, or walls are getting wet, the problem is usually poor drainage outside along the foundation of the house.

To correct this problem, a footer pipe is needed.

footer-sealed-gravel-addedFooter Tile or Footer Pipe is perforated pipe surrounded by gravel laid along the footer under your concrete floor. Because the pipes and below grade , a sump pump is usually needed to discharge the water.

We trench along the outside wall to the footer. Next We seal the foundation wall with a liquid rubber compound, and then add perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. This gravel and pipe are wrapped in Geo Fabric ( a filter to help keep sand and dirt out of the system). The footer pipe now needs a discharge.


If there is fall from the footer to daylight, a trench is dug and solid pipe is laid so the water from the footer can flow away from the area. If there is no fall from the footer to daylight, a sump pit and sump pump is installed with 2″ pipe from the pump to the street or storm or other area away from the house.



Problems of poor drainage along foundation:
Wet Walls,
Wet Floor,
Tile floors crack,
wood floors buckle,
Interior walls crack,
Exterior block crack,
Sticking door or window,
Foundation cracks and floor settles

Costs to install:
A typical Footer pipe for 1 wall (40 feet long) with sump pump discharge can run $3200.00

Yes this is an expense but well worth the cost to solve major problems that occur with poor drainage and will save 10 of 1000’s compared to foundation and footer repair.

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How to Install Drainage in Yard

Apple Drains has a complete library of Video How To. Free! Its on YouTube.

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Covers all rainwater drainage problems and solutions. Everything from French Drains and Crawl Space – Basement Waterproofing to Driveway Channel Drains, Catch Basin, Sump Pumps and Sump Basins, How and where to install. Even how to dig, how to tunnel a sidewalk, and connect pipe.

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Do It Yourself, The French Drain, Everything you need and where to get it.

Installing a French Drain is a project the homeowner could do themselves. All the parts are readily available from Lowes or Home Depot. Just be prepared to do some work.

Here is everything you need to install a gravel drain (French Drain)

1st you need the pipe.
These are 100 foot rolls of both Soild and Perforated Pipe. This is from Lowes but Home Depot has the same stuff.
NOTE – Remember you need Perforated Pipe (has holes in it) that will be surrounded by Gravel for a French Drain.

100 foot rolls of perforated pipe at Lowes

2nd will be the gravel –
How Much Gravel Do you Need? A lot!
Best way to figure how many bags is 1 bag will cover about 2′ feet of a trench 14 to 16 inches deep. So if you are installing 60 feet of pipe, you’ll need at least 30 bags.

3rd you will need some way to transport your gravel. While you could put in your car or trunk, better is a truck, or trailer to haul the gravel and pipe and shovels and wheel barrels, etc..

Transporting the gravel for a french drain

4th You need a wheel barrel to move the gravel to the area you are digging. You carry each bag, but each bag weighs 40 lbs. So a wheel barrel allows you to move more than 1 at a timne and is much easier.

Wheel barrels bring the gravel from the trailer to the rear yard where the low spot is

5th – You need shovels, picks, axe, and rake to dig your trench.. Pretty much you will be digging through mud if its a really bad low spot. Water will have saturated the soil. But if you believe you can do something 🙂

Trenched section of yard for French Drain

You may also need a Catch Basain or 2.
NOTES – Catch Basins help collect immediate surface water run off – Gravel Perforated Pipe helps collect subsurface water. Together they work to remove the water from your low spot.

6 – Once the Trench is complete, including your discharge (this where the water is going to flow), its time to install the Gravel and Pipe.
1st lay a small base of gravel in the trench. Next Install the Perforated Pipe with HOLES POINTING DOWN. Connect your catch basins then cover with gravel. We like to bring ou gravel to grade to really make the water drop into our system, but you cancover the gravel with soil. If doing this, be sure to use a soil seperater fabric. Youdon’t need to wrap the trench in this fabric, it will simply slow the flow of water into the gravel and also the fabric will get packed with dirt and further slow the water infiltration into the gravel. Some people think its best to wrap the gravel and or the pipe, but actually the life of the systemis still the same. 15 to 20 years.

Holes Point Down from Perforated Pipe for the French Drain

Lastly – Lay your all the gravel and pipe, rake out the excess soil to fill other low spots and help water drain into your system. Make sure your Catch Basin Grate is just below grade to allow that water to flow quickly into the catch basin!

Raking out the excess soil from your install of a French Drain

Congratulations! You did it!
This is Chuck with Apple Drains, Reminding You..
If You Believe You Can Do Something, I Guarantee You Can Do It!

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Apple Drains – How To Drainage Videos – Do It Yourself and Save

Hi - Chuck Here with Apple Drains. We Hope these Videos get you started into the your project with Confidence! -

Our Most Popular How To Video’s
Here at Apple Drains, we admire all the Do It Yourself People around the world.
We have hundreds of How to Videos and know they help!

Complete List of How Top Videos Here
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Below are the top 8 videos.

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French Drain, Soil Seperater, Does the landscape fabric really help?

Does a Soil Seperator really help a French Drain?

The basic idea of fabric around the gravel is to help keep the dirt out of the system. However, the system still only lasts about 15 years. With or Without fabric.

Fabric actually slows the water from entering the gravel. It also becomes packed solid with mud and really stops the water from entering the gravel.

There are places that fabric could be used, for example, in Florida where the soil is sand. But in a clay soil, fabric makes little difference in the life of the system.

Remember how a French Drain Works? Its gravel that is the Key. Water floods up though the gravel because there are voids between each stone. The gravel acts as the filter. Not the fabric.

So when install your French Drain, its really your choice. But the fabric won’t help the water enter the system. It just slows it down. WAY DOWN. Your wet spot will probably stay wet long after a rain with fabric.

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French Drain Columbus Ohio

French Drain – A French Drain can be used to collect water from a low spot in the yard, along a Basement Wall or Crawl Space wall, even under a driveway or along a retaining wall.

The Downspout Drain is the most important drain in the system. Look at how all the drains in the yard, driveway and eben from the crawl space attach to this drain.

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The system works like this;
Water floods up into the bottom of the trench which is filled with gravel. The water then enters the Perforated pipe which has holes pointing down into the gravel. As the water table rises in the trench, the water begins to flow throough the pipe and is carried away.

French Drain Along Side Basement Wall

Catch Basins are added to help collect the Surface water.

1st a trench is dug to the proper depth,
2nd a base of gravel is laid to allow water to flood up into the pipe.
3rd perforated pipe is install with holes pointing down into the gravel.
4th more gravel is added covering the enite pipe.
5th (optional) a soil seperater is used to cover the gravel.
6th backfill the trench and remove the excess soil.

The system will work well to remove water from low spots in the yard. There also need to be a downhill run to carry the water away once it is collected by the gravel and perforated pipe.

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See how and why a French Drain Works

See How A French Drain Works!!

Hey this is Chuck Reminding You that if you believe you can do something, I Guarantee you can do it!

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French Drain for Low Spot in Yard

French drain is used to collect water from low spots in the yard. The system is made up of Gravel and Perforated pipe.

The trench is usually about 2 feet deep with gravel, number #67 stone (which is 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch in diameter) lines the bottom of the trench . Then Perforated pipe with HOLES POINTING DOWN into the gravel is laid and finally the pipe is back filled with gravel.

The trench will help collect subsurface water from the low areas in your yard. To help collect the immeadiate surface water, a Catch Basin is added to the system. As water floods the low spot, the catch basin allows water to drop straight into the drain and is carried the water is carried away.

There must be some FALL (down hill run away from the area) for the system to work. It doesn’t take much fall, but the more the better..

Take a look at this video to see how to install and how the system works.

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3 Common Mistakes while Installing a French Drain

The most common mistakes when installing a French Drain start with
1) The Perforated Pipe has the Holes Pointing Upward
2) Not enough gravel under the pipe
3) Not enough fall for the pipe to discharge.

Holes Point Down

When installing a French Drain, its best know how the system works. here is a great exapmle of how and why a French Drain gather water from the yard. How a FRENCH DRAIN Works, by Apple Drains

1- Holes in the Perfoated pipe need to point down to allow the water to Quickly flood from the trench into the pipe. The pipe can be slotted or have holes in one side. Slotted pipe works best in deep trench, while pipe with holes in one side works better with shallow hand dug trenches.

2 – A good base of gravel is needed UNDER the Perforated pipe. This is because water must flood up trhough the gravel into the holes of the pipe. Its nearly impossible for water to drop into the holes of the pipe so with a good base of gravel underneath the pipe, water is sure to enter the pipe quickly.

3 – The pipe need to empty downhill from where ever you are installing it. Be sure to check this out before you begin this project. Remember, a Low spot in the yard usually means its difficult for the natural slope of the yard to carry the water away. Adding a FRENCH DRAIN will help only if there is downhill fall away from the area.
(options for no downhill fall is to install a sump pit and pump to lift the water up and discharge uphill from the area)

For more information on Installation, please check this site. There many articles about french drains.

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