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Many homes in the Charlotte Metro Area have yards that slope or grade towards the house and because the lowest point of the yard is below the street curb, a Sump Pump is sometimes used to lift the water from the low spot and pump it out to the street. This a fairly common practice but the key is to use a GOOD SUMP PUMP. We use only Zoeller Pumps for this installation.

Zoeller Pump N267

Below is a drawing and photos of a recent install using a Zoeller N267 Sump Pump. The N267 is a 1/2 horsepower pump with a 2″ discharge. The pump is exteremly powerful and can push water 100 plus feet easily. The pump is no little store bought pump. This pump weighs almost 50 lbs and the retail cost is just over 500.00. While it might sound high in cost, we know it will last a lifetiime!

Take a look at the drawing first. You’ll see just how much water we are draining into the sump pump. The garage has a roof area of over 3000 sq feet. The driveway also drains into the sump pit via the catch basins at the side. Even the neighbors yard will drain into the system. All in all, its about 2000 gallons per 1″ rain fall. That is a lot of water!!!

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While we know and Always tell our customers, “You can never beat Mother Nature”, we do try to get as much drainage out of a system as possible. Sure, it will rain so hard some day, that the pump cannot keep up, but it will take it out quickly! This system will keep up with huge rainfalls, and you’ll rest peacefully knowing it was done right!

Digging out the Sump Pit

This photo shows the digging out of the sump pit. Yes, its going to be deep. It has to be down at least 3 feet to accomidate the drain pips that will feed it.

Remember! Water Runs Down Hill! So it gets deeper as you go. That’s why we have a pump. The lines will be down so deep, that gravity cannot gp to the street. The Pump has to lift the water and then go to the street.
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catch basin collects water from lowest point

Next we are showing the (2) catch basins at the side of the drive. The basins are 12×12 inches. That means 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The discharge of these basins runs to the sump pit and they are down about 18″ inches deep. Water from the drive way is collected by these basins and empties into the sump pit where the sump pump lifts it up and pumps it to the street.

Notice there are (3) inlet lines coming into the pit. See drawing above. Catch Basins, Downspouts and Neighbors Yard, all come into this pit. Then The Pump Lifts the water up and out to the street.

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