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French Drain Santa Cruz CA

To help further our video series, we are looking to do an install in Santa Cruz California. If you live in this area and would like us to install a French drain or crawl space drain, please use our service sign up sheet or call us!

We can offer you a reduced rate and help solve your drainage problem.

This is a limited offer. So please contact us soon.

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Backyard Sump Systems Move Water Fast

Low spots in the backyard hold water. If there is no gravity or fall away from the area, that water will usually stand and stay there for days. This invites mosquitos and other insects as well as kill the sod, shrubs and eventually you have a big mud mess.

To solve this problem, a French Drain with catch basins leading to a sump pump, or small lift station, is needed. The water is collected by the French Drain and is piped to the sump basin. Then Sump Pump lifts the water up and can send it to the street or storm.

Todays pumps are not only extremely powerful but they are also efficient! They can move anywhere from 40 to 100 gallons a minute.

The systems works like this….
French Drain is perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. This collects subsurface water.
Catch Basins placed in low spots collect the immediate surface water runoff.
When it rains, the water pooling in the is first collected by the catch basins, then the as the ground water rises, the French drain collects the water. All this water is piped to the Sump. The sump pump lifts the water and send it out to the street.

We install French Drain with catch basins everyday! They work great. Even when collecting huge amounts of water. Here is a video showing a recent install. The amount of water collected here comes from 8 yards and the system works!

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Foundation sealing and waterproofing

Foundation sealing and waterproofing

When water comes up through your floor, or walls are getting wet, the problem is usually poor drainage outside along the foundation of the house.

To correct this problem, a footer pipe is needed.

footer-sealed-gravel-addedFooter Tile or Footer Pipe is perforated pipe surrounded by gravel laid along the footer under your concrete floor. Because the pipes and below grade , a sump pump is usually needed to discharge the water.

We trench along the outside wall to the footer. Next We seal the foundation wall with a liquid rubber compound, and then add perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. This gravel and pipe are wrapped in Geo Fabric ( a filter to help keep sand and dirt out of the system). The footer pipe now needs a discharge.


If there is fall from the footer to daylight, a trench is dug and solid pipe is laid so the water from the footer can flow away from the area. If there is no fall from the footer to daylight, a sump pit and sump pump is installed with 2″ pipe from the pump to the street or storm or other area away from the house.



Problems of poor drainage along foundation:
Wet Walls,
Wet Floor,
Tile floors crack,
wood floors buckle,
Interior walls crack,
Exterior block crack,
Sticking door or window,
Foundation cracks and floor settles

Costs to install:
A typical Footer pipe for 1 wall (40 feet long) with sump pump discharge can run $3200.00

Yes this is an expense but well worth the cost to solve major problems that occur with poor drainage and will save 10 of 1000’s compared to foundation and footer repair.

Use up service sign up sheet for a fast friendly estimate!
Or call us at
Charlotte NC 704-309-8880
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Channel Drain Installation

Channel Drain or Trench Drain collects water from a concrete surface. It could be a driveway, pool patio, pavers, of walkway. Many sizes are available. It is secured in concrete and is set flush with the surface. Water floods into the channel drain and is carried away by the discharge pipe. If gravity is not available, a sump pump and be used to lift the water up and send it out to the street or storm.

Installing is actually pretty easy. You do need a few tools but once you start into your project, you will find it goes quickly.

Here are a few tips on how to install 5″ NDS channel drain. This is the most common type channel drain. Its available from both Lowes and Home Depot. Cost per 10 foot section with grates and fittings, just under 160.00. Be sure to buy enough to complete your project. In other words, a 2 car garage with channel drain across the front will need 22 feet or more.

Materials and Tools you will need –
5″ NDS Channel Drain, Grates, and couplings. (suggest using the 10 foot sections not the 2 foot)
Pipe or sup pit and sump pump for the discharge.
4″ Pipe works best for gravity discharge and 1/3 horsepower pump with 1 1/2 in discharge is best if no gravity is available.
Note – Sump Pumps need power.. Plan ahead.
Concrete at least 8 bags of 80 lbs ready mixed concrete for 24 foot wide drive

Tools – Concrete saw – 14″ diamond tip blade
Wheel Barrel to mix concrete and haul debris
Shovel and hoe,
Concrete finishing trowel,
Painters Tape to cover grates
Pry bar or jack hammer to remove concrete.
Garden hose to mix and wash

Your cutting a section across the drive at least 14 inches wide. You will need to make two passes across the drive so be sure to pick the right spot!

To start, determine the lowest section of the apron in front of your garage. This is usually where the water first pools during a rain.


Next you will need a concrete saw, (partner saw or cut off saw). These are available from any tool rental. Be sure to get a 14″ Diamond Tooth Blade. The cost will vary but usually under a 100 for the day.

Lay out a section of channel drain and use it as your straight edge while cutting the concrete.
Keep the side of the saw 2 inches from the straight edge. (yes you could use a 2×4)
Turn on the water (let it trickle along side of the blade while cutting. This will keep the dust down and the blade cool allowing it to cut faster.

Once you are ready to cut the concrete, Work slowly and backwards. Let the saw blade do the work! It will cut like butter but very slowly.


Try to stay centered behind the saw. this will help you keep a straight line.
Don’t worry if you curve a little bit.. (but try to stay as straight as possible) When you back fill with concrete, it will still look really good.


Be sure to cut clean through the concrete! Its about 3 to 4 thick.

Once done cutting, take your pry bar and break out 1 foot section of the concrete between you cuts. Pound the pry bar in same spot.. It will weaken the concrete and it will crack just between the 2 cuts.



If you have cut clean through the concrete, you can easily pry and lift the 1 foot section up and out. Then put in wheel barrel to haul away.

Once the concrete is removed, wash of the driveway. Keep it clean!

Now you can set your channel drain into the trench.
Notice that its almost the right depth?
You will need to trench it out a little more for a perfect depth.

Dig you discharge trench and lay the pipe connecting it to the channel drain when ready.

Once done excavating, set you channel drain in the trench.
You can go all the way across or you can center the channel drain in the middle of the driveway leaving 1 foot of concrete on each side (22 foot)

Connect the channel drain together using the coupling. Add the end caps and discharge pipe.

Place the grates in the channel drain and use the painters tape to cover them. This will keep them clean while you back fill with concrete!
Make a form for the end of your trench to hold the concrete. Use a scrape wood or even thick cardboard.

Mix your concrete in wheel barrel. 1 bag at a time..

Double check the channel drain is where you want it!
Check again!

Now trowel or shovel the concrete along side the channel drain. Fill it right to the top.


Finish off the concrete with your finishing trowel. This takes some time. work slowly but fast enough so the concrete does not set up.



The top of the grate should be just below the original concrete. (it could be lower depending on the driveway’s low spot.)

Channel drain lays almost level across the drive. If you can get some pitch great, if not, don’t worry@ It will still work good.


Cover up the discharge pipe, and you are done!

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Underground drains work to keep your foundation and yard dry, French drain, Yard drain, Downspout Drain, Roof Drain, Sump Pump, Crawl Space, Waterproofing, Footer Pipe, Drain Tile, Channel Drain.

Micro drain, is used around a pool deck. its 1 1/2 inch wide and is install the same way as larger drain.

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How to Install Drainage in Yard

Apple Drains has a complete library of Video How To. Free! Its on YouTube.

We have over 11,000,000 views.
Covers all rainwater drainage problems and solutions. Everything from French Drains and Crawl Space – Basement Waterproofing to Driveway Channel Drains, Catch Basin, Sump Pumps and Sump Basins, How and where to install. Even how to dig, how to tunnel a sidewalk, and connect pipe.

The Most Complete DIY video!

And best of all its FREE!


Check it out!
Apple Drains on YouTube, 11,000,000 Views
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Video Consulting via Skype, Get The Help You Need

LIVE HELP! Video Consulting. We can answer any question and help save you time and money with your drainage project.

LIVE HELP! Video Consulting. We can answer any question and help save you time and money with your drainage project.

Monday – Friday 7 to 4 AM EST
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You will need to load Skype on your phone or tablet. That way you can show us your project or problem.

Our Skype Address is apple.drains
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How to Tunnel a Sidewalk for French Drain Pipe, with Pop Up Emitter

Tools Needed.
Large regular Shovel – Small trenching Shovel


Prep Area –
Dig out both sides of walk about 6 to 8 feet. This is so you can use large shovel and stay flat without digging a belly under the walk


Use large shovel 1st. Remove dirt from the top of the concrete and then push shovel flat into and under the walk to remove the dirt


Once you have gone as far as you can with big shovel, now use small trenching shovel. Same thing. Remove dirt from top of concrete and then dig flat out under to remove soil.




Soon you will be more than 1/2 ways through. Then move to other side and repeat the steps until you have 4″ hole under walk!


You may need to adjust your hole. Simple use small trenching shovel and widen as needed.


Pull pipe under and back fill as best you can under the walk.


Your Done!

Watch the video !
Its really not that hard!
You can do this!

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French Drain Orlando

A French Drain is Perforated Pipe Surrounded By Gravel. It usually has a catch basin to help collect surface water and the gravel perforated pipe collects the subsurface water, water table or ground water.

Catch Basins Collect Surface Water

Catch Basins Collect Surface Water

When your yard floods and the water stands for days, a French drain is usually needed to remove the water.

Perforated Pipe, surrounded by Gravel collects Subsurface water

Perforated Pipe, surrounded by Gravel collects Subsurface water

As with any drain there must be a discharge point lower than the inlet. In other wards, the water standing in your yard must have a place to go that is Downhill or LOWER than the flooded spot. If that cannot be achieved, a sump pump is needed to left the water up and send it to the street, storm drain or other natural area away from the low spot in the yard.

Zoeller M53, 1/3 hp Sump Pump

Zoeller M53, 1/3 hp Sump Pump


Call or sign up online for estimate!

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French Drain with Sump Pump, Florida Homes

Most drainage problems in Florida, in areas like Orlando, Melbourne, Daytona, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville and the panhandle come from very level or even below grade yards. During a severe thunderstorm, tropical depression or hurricane, rainfall rates exceed the norm. Water has no place to go. So the yard floods, water enters the house, driveways flood, and the backyard stays wet for days.

A French Drain must have a discharge point that s down hill from the lowest point in the yard. So sometimes (most all the time) a Sump Pump is needed. The Pump is installed in a Sump Basin (pit). It can be 24″ inches deep or more. Now the French Drain and other drains can be discharged (run down hill) to the sump basin. Then a good pump can lift the water up and send it to the street or storm.

red1_apple Visit our Florida Website for more info on Florida Drainage. Office in Orlando, Serving South Florida, Central Florida, West Coast Florida and North Florida

French Drain Cleaning

$277.50 1st line and $50.00 each additional
Schedule a clean today
These pipes need cleaned every 2 to 3 years for proper flow. Helps Your Crawl Space Dry, Your Yard from Flooding and reduces cost of replacement

Back Yard Sump Pump System.. With French Drain and Catch Baisin

Back Yard Sump Pump System.. With French Drain and Catch Baisin

Sump Basin with Sump Pump installed to remove water coming from the French Drain

Sump Basin with Sump Pump installed to remove water coming from the French Drain

We install French Drain with Sump Pump Systems everyday. It Works!

Back Yard Sump Pump
A good video reference for DIY

Back yard sump pumps are efficient and affordable. a good 1/3 horsepower pump will move 60 to 89 gallons a minute.. (Think of trash can full of water, The pump will empty the trash can in under a minute.) A Good 1/2 horsepower pump will move 80 to 120 gallons per minute! A Good 1 horsepower sump pump can move 120 to 130 gallons per minute!

Of course you can never beat Mother Nature, but you can help keep the water out.

A French drain (perforated pipe surrounded by 3/4 inch gravel) with a couple catch basins, will collect the water from the yard and send it to the sump basin, then the sump pump can lift it up and send out through a 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch PVC pipe to the street or storm.

Dig out to install system

Dig out to install system

Back Yard Sump with Driveway Channel Drain

How far can it pump?
This is called the HEAD. Most 1/3 horsepower pumps can easily push the water 100 to 150 feet, with a lift of 5 feet. Of course the gallons per minute begin to drop so it might only pump 40 to 50 gallons per minute at 5 foot lift and 100 foot discharge. This is still a trash can full of water every minute! Fast!

Here is another good video reference of a backyard sump pump with French drain. This system moves water fast!

How much does a system cost?
Depending on the length of the french drain, the depth of the French drain and length of the 1 1/2 inch PVC discharge from the pump an average cost to install is just under 2800.00. Yes, its an expense but well worth it to solve the flooding issue and help protect y9our home from water damage, mold, wood root, and termites.

Most homes in Florida are built on a concrete slab, and actually need this system more than homes with crawl space or basements. The concrete slab is very porous. As water pressure builds under the slab, it comes up though the slab at the weakest point (usually at the wall where the 1st course of block has been laid. Once a pathway has been established by the water, it will continue to go there even in lighter rains.

Protect your investment. Install a Sump Pump system with foundation and French drains. Direct the downspout drains away and attach them to the sump basin or if you are lucky enough to have fall (downhill grade away from the house) trench these drain lines to the street.

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Underground drains work to move water away from foundation and home. Channel Drain, French Drain, Yard Drain, Gravel Drain, Curtain Drain, Sump Pump, Sump Basin, Discharge, Pop Up Emitter, PVC Pipe, Drainage Contractor, Home Repair, Landscaping, Weed Control, Drain Tile, Footer Pipe, Foundation Drain, slab home, water damage, wet yard solution

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Protect Your Home from Water Damage, Termites and Mold. Sump Pump Sale

Protect your home from water damage, termites, and mold

Get a new Sump Pump installed.
Installation Sale!

zoellerm53 Zoeller M53 1/3 horsepower with 1 1/2 inch or 1 1/4 inch Discharge. $375.00 (Regular $425.00)
liberty257 Liberty 257 1/3 horsepower with 1 1/2 inch or 1 1/4 inch Discharge $300.00 (Regular $410.00)
utilitech Utilitech 1/3 Horsepower with 1 1/2 inch or 1 1/4 inch Discharge. $305.00 (Regular $390.00)
Complete Installation – Remove old Pump and install new in your crawl space or basement

Offer Expires October 7, 2016 or While supplies Last
Get on the schedule to reserve your Sump Pump Today!

Sump Basin and Sump Pump Installed in crawl space.
Dig out hole for new NDS 24″ depth Sump Basin with Solid Lid cover, Surround basin with gravel for proper drainage, Install new Zoeller M53 1/3 horsepower with 1 1/2 inch discharge. Core (drill 2″ hole through brick or block foundation wall. Plumb 1 1/2 inch PVC from pump to outside for proper drain discharge.

Complete install!
Special Price $1185.00 (Regular $1410.00) Save Big and Help Solve your water problem.

Additional Items you could install in your Crawl Space..
Footer pipe, this is 4″ perforated pipe surrounded by gravel in a trench along the inside perimeter of the crawl space. It helps collect the water as it comes through the foundation wall and flows over to the sump basin where sump pump lifts it up and put through the Core Discharge going through the foundation wall. Footer pipe runs 15 to 20.00 per foot installed. Gravel Perforated pipe systems work the best to move water.

Vapor barrier (moisture barrier) is 6 mil plastic that covers the crawl space floor. We install and pin, cut around piers and corners. It helps keep the moisture out of the floor joist, house and more. It also helps with heating and cooling of your home Vapor barrier runs .60 cents to a 1.00 per foot installed.

Protect your home from water damage, termites, and mold.

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