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How and why this sytem works!
Its the best way to remove water from your yard.

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Low spots in the yard that tend to hold water are problem areas that need a GRAVEL PERFORATED SYSTEM. The Gravel allows water to leach into the pipe from surrounding areas. The more Pipe and Gravel installed the more water that will percolate into the system.A good Gravel / Perforated Pipe Systems looks like this:

Clay Soils –
Clay Soil Holds Water!
To drain this soil type, we strongly recommend a gravel perforated drainage system.

Looking at the drawing, you can see that water will flow thru the gravel and fill the pipe thru the drain holes. Water will move to the lowest point in the yard. If we place the gravel a little lower than the area that holds water, the water will drain to the system and flow away.

Adding a Catch Basin allows surface water to immediately run off and into the system to be carried away by the pipe. The Catch Basin also allows dirt and debris to settle in the bottom of the basin helping to keep the pipe free of buildup and blockage. 
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How deep do we dig?
Depending on the area and the amount of water to be moved, an avergae depth of this system is about 18 to 24 inches. 4″ perfotated pipe encased in gravel will move lots of water! 6″ pipe encased with gravel moves even more!

Related Costs:
4″ Pipe with gravel will average $20.00 per linear foot installed.
6″ Pipe with gravel will average $26.00 per linear foot installed.

Cost are higher because there is much work to complete.
The soil from the trench has to be completely remove and usually hauled away.
Gravel is then wheel barreled from a truck to the trench
The pipe is installed and more gravel is wheeled from the truck into the trench covering the pipe..
This job is very labor intense.

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