Concrete Slab Waterproofing

Does the floor get wet every time it rains? Water is coming through the slab at the same wall time and time again?

Most likely, the problem is at the footer where the slab and footer and foundation wall all come together. As ground water rises, pressure build in the sand or clay and is forced through where the foundation wall meets the slab or footer.

To correct this problem, we need to dig down to the footer, seal the foundation wall with liquid rubber, install a footer tile (perforated pipe surrounded by gravel) and discharge the pipe to daylight. If daylight (gravity) is not available, then a sump pump is needed to lift the water up and send it to the street or storm drain.

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French Drain Cleaning

$177.50 1st line and $50.00 each additional
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These pipes need cleaned every 2 to 3 years for proper flow. Helps Your Crawl Space Dry, Your Yard from Flooding and reduces cost of replacement

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