5 Gallon Bucket is Not a SUMP PIT

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Temporary Sump Pit

Most of the time when we come to give a crawl space estimate we find a 5 gallon bucket being used as Sump Pit. The Pump is usually a store bought thing with a flappy float. Even with a good pump we find the same problem. The Float Get Stuck Against The Side of The Wall.

Float Stuck Against Bucket Wall

When the float gets stuck against the side of the wall, it could be in the OFF or ON position. In the OFF Postion, the Pump Will Not Work and the water begins to rise through out the basement or crawl space. In the ON position, the pump continues to run and eventual burns out. Either way, it cause the same result, “a Flood”

A proper sump pit is 18″ wide and 24″ inches deep. The Pump sits squarely on the bottom and the float should have a good distance from the wall.

Proper Sump Pit and Sump Pump being Installed

Far too often we follow behind and correct this problem. Usually a BUG COMPANY has sold the home owner a system telling them the moisture level is too high and they could get termites, or if they don’t intsall a sump pump, it will void their termite warranty.

A Good Installation of a sump pit, sump pump and discharge line will save you money and let you sleep worry free about a flood taking place below.

Take a look at this video for an example of HOW SUMP PUMP WORKS and why you NEVER USE A 5 GALLON BUCKET for a SUMP PIT!!

This post has already been read 14942 times!