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Cleaning a French Drain is not always possible. The reason is because of “How A FRENCH DRAIN Works”. Let’s look at how a french drain works…


This drawing shows a french drain and its components. Notice the pipe is surrounded by gravel. That is the most important part of the French Drain. The gravel allows water to flood into the pipe. So if the gravel goes bad (usually fills with dirt) the water does not and cannot flow into the perforated pipe.

We can clean the pipe, even its its corrugated, but the gravel cannot be cleaned.

Cleaning underground corrugated pipe can be done, but the success rate of cleaning this type of 4″ pipe is very low. Why? Because it collapses. The Steel cable from a Good Drain Cleaning Machine (which is needed to clean underground pipes) simple pushes through the pipe or stops at the collapsed section. At the point, we can dig up the pipe and access the repair needed to replace a section or maybe decide to replace the whole line. (much better is to replace the entire line because if we make a repair and then continue cleaning, we will probably find another section broken or collapsed, which means another repair on so on.. That cost is usually higher than a new line installed)

A good drain cleaning company will be using a Spartan – Heico 1065. This machine is designed to clean Drain pipes from 3″ to 6″. It is extremely powerful and does the job right the first time. Trying to clean a French Drain or Downspout Drain with a Tool Rental machine is just about worthless. You might as well just throw a 100.00 out the window. The cable on those machines is NOT Strong Enough to cut out the roots. It will more than likely bind up and get stuck in the line. Then you will have to dig up the pipe anyway just to get the cable out.

Video Cam’s: Well they do take pictures! But they do not correct the problem and again its like spending money for something that you already know, and that is, “the drain is blocked”. Why not clean the line the first time and solve the problem!

Watch The Video To Learn “How To Clean A French Drain”

This post has already been read 48684 times!

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