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Rainwater Drainage Where does all the roof water go?
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Below are the top articles read this week.
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NOTE: Before you spend 1000's on a foundation problem,
Solve The Water Problem First.
- -
Video and Articles

Driveway Channel Drain

How To Install Channel Drain

Basement Repair
Learn How To Solve a Basement or Crawl Space Water Problem

Drains in the Crawl Space are important to help keep the foundation of your home in tack. Water enters through tiny holes usually between the first course of brick or block and the footer. It then fills the soil and slowly moves upward until the floor of the crawl space is wet or even holding water.

Overtime, this water can cause foundation problems. Piers move and settle, Cracks form in in the brick foundation walls, Floors buckle and Doors get stuck. Not to mention Mold forms and Termites find new homes.

The first thing we recommend is a Sump Pump. A good sump pump properly installed will help keep the water from flooding up and reaching the furnace or other utlities under your home. The Sump Pump sits in a Sump Basin, usually 20 to 24" deep and collects water from the soil and the floor.

The Sump Pump lifts the wtaer up and out of the crawl space pumping it through a PVC pipe out through the foudation wall.

So lets look at what each of those parts look like...
Here is a Sump Basin already installed inthe crawl space floor. The Basin is 24"deep by 18 inches wide. There eill be a solid lid cover placed on the top when the installation is complete.

[caption id="attachment_2142" align="alignnone" width="620" caption="Sump Basin Installed in Crawl Space"][/caption]

Note: crawl space wayerproofing, sump pump, sump basin, sump pit


The Downspout Drain is the most important drain in the system.
Look at how all the drains in the yard, driveway and even from the Basement Sump Pump Pump and the crawl space Sump Pump attach to this drain.

Drain Tile

The Downspout Drain

Underground drain pipe the leads from the Downspout out to the street or storm drain. This pipe is the most important pipe in your Rainwater Drainage Systems.

The underground pipe could be made of PVC, Polystyrene or in older homes, Terra cotta (clay). Usually the pipe has a 4” inner diameter and attaches to the bottom of the downspout.

When it rains, the roof catches a great deal of water.

Example – A 2000 sq ft roof with collect 1160 gallons of water during a 1 inch rain fall. This a lot of water! The gutters catch the water from the roof and channel it down to the ground through the downspouts. If there is no underground drain to carry the water away from the foundation, the water will end up under your home either in the crawl space or your basement. A home without underground drains from the downspout almost always has Water Problems!

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(a quick note – adding a 10 foot section of pipe to the downspout does absolutely Nothing! - Its an eye sore and the water will still end up under your home)

Cleaning Costs
$127.50 for the 1st Line and $50.00 each additional.
Cleaning is done with a sewer cleaning machine. We use a Spartan 1065. It has a 3/4 inch steel wound cable. Very Powerful. It can remove roots and debris. It also can help located a o collapsed section or broken pipe. At that point we can dig it up and make repairs.

Repair costs - an average repair runs around 90.00 to 120.00. We dig up the old line, cut out the bacd section an replace with new pipe. If the pipe is in really poor condition, we can write and estimate to rplace the line.

Note - Cleaning Cost are applied to replacement cost. That way you don't loose the cost of cleaning.

Installing Drain Tile

When we install underground pipe, the 1st thing we do is draw up a diagram of where we want to trench. The next thing we do is call to the underground utilities located. (its the law in most all states). Do not trench without locating the utilities.

New pipe cost is a per foot charge.. Average costs - $9.00 per foot - this is for 4" solid Pipe # 3000 S & D type. It includes all parts, fittings and labor. Comnplete install.

Trenching -

We use a trencher to dig our trench. The trencher will dig quickly and neatly and create a trench deep enough to install the drain tile. Yes, we also dig by hand. When digging along side the foundation or landscaping or across a utility, we must dig by hand. That means shovels, picks and the axe sometimes too.

Pipe -
Corrugated Pipe comes in large rolls. This is good because it means there are No Seams for water to leak out."

We like to use Solid PVC #3000 S & D type for downspout drains. Corrugated is also a good choice if its properly installed. Both pipes will carry the water away from the foundation and will last a long time if maintained. See “Cleaning a Drain Tile

Back Fill -
Back Filling and Clean Up


Once the pipe is installed to the proper depth and grade, the hard part begins. That being, covering up (back fill). We try very hard to put things back (dirt, sod, bushes, etc..) so within a couple of weeks, its hard to to tell we were ever there. The best way to accomplish this, is to keep your soil close to the trench as you dig. We usually put all the soil back on the trench and then come back and scope out some excess to be hauled away. Depending on the soil (how wet it is) we sometimes lay out tarps the length of the trench to throw our soil on as we dig. Then when we back fill, the area below the tarps is clean. We also take away some of the soil and spread it along the foundation. This does two things. 1) it helps the yard look much better when it settles, and 2) the excess along the foundation wall will help water to flow away from the home.

Lastly, we rake the area along both sides of the trench. The result is a clean install.





Our Most Popular How To Video's
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Below are the top 8 videos.

1 - French Drain for Do It Yourself Project, By Apple Drains


3 - How To - Basement Waterproofing - DIY - Exterior Wall - Foundation Waterproofing - Seal Wall

4 - How To Install Perforated Pipe, French Drain for Do It Yourself Job

5 - 4 Common Rainwater Drainage Problems and How To Solve Them, Apple Drains, Drain Contractors

6 - Waterproofing - How to waterproof your foundation

7 - Simple Steps to Installing a French Drain. Simple step by step instructions from Apple Drains

8 - Channel Drain, Driveway Drain, Install

Complete List of How Top Videos Here
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Video's for this article
Downspout Drain Line
French Drain
Crawl Space Sump Pump
Exteriror Foundation Drain

These videos will help you understand each
type of drainage system. We urge to watch them and learn!

Tips for Storm Water Drainage

1st The Most inportant thing to understand is how much water your roof gathers. Did you know that in a 1" rainfall, an average roof of 2000 sq ft gathers 1160 gallaons of water! That is a lot of water. And if you have a larger roof area, it would double.

Where does this water go? Gutters collect the roof water, Downspouts carry it from the gutter, but WITHOUT a DOWNSPOUT DRAIN LINE, most all of this water from your roof will end up under your home. Basement or Crawl Space or Even a slab home can suffer foundation problems without a Downsput Drain Line.

Ok.. So lets look at installing a downspout Drain line 1st. This is the most important part of the Rainwater Drainage System.

Installing the Drain is pretty straight forward. A trench from the downspouts that leads out to the street or storm. You can connect all the downspouts on oneside of your home making just 1 line to the street on each side.

Dig your trench deep enough to allow for good downhill run. A good Rule Of Thumb is at least 1 shouvel deep and maintain that grade to the street if possible.

The pipe can be Corrugated or Thin Wall PVC. We suggest you use 4" pipe although 3" pipe does work. Dig your trench and install your pipe. Use T's and Y's to connect the pipe on one side. Remember - the shortest route to the street is always the best way to install drain pipe.

After laying your pipe, back fill to cover leaving a small mound of dirt so it will settle back to grade. A Good Rule of thumb is about 4 to 6 inches of soil in the mound. If you use a trencher to dig the trench, you might want to leave a little more. IT WILL SETTLE. Not leaving enough will cause a valley and you will have to bring more dirt in after it settles.

A french drain is used to collect water from low spots in the yard, around the perimeter of a crawl space or basement. Its made of perforated pipe surrounded by 3/4 inch washed stone and works very well to help collect and remove water.

Video on You Tube by Apple Drains
Please watch our video on how the system works. It will help you undertstand exactly what a french drain does and how to install. Also use our SERVICE SIGN UP SHEET to schedule your estimate or job.

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Note: Tips for DIY, DIY, Do It Yourself, Storm Drain water, Rainwater, Drainage, French Drain, Yard, Drain, Downspout Drain, Crawl Space, Sump Pump, Footer Tile, Exterior waterproofing, foundation sealing


Sump Pump, Sump Pit, Basement, Crawl Space

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A Good Sump Pump will help keep your basement dry. The Pump sits in a small pit usually in the corner of your beasent. Sometimes it has lid (which is recommended). The Pump works by a float switch. As the water rises in the sump pit, the float raises up and turns on the pump. As the water level goes down, the float goes down and turns off the pump.

Note: Columbus Ohio, Sump Pump, Waterproofing, Basement, Wet Basement, Crawl Space, French Drain,m Channel Drain, Driveway Drain, Apple Drains,, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan

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Crawl Space Waterproofing -
Sump Pump and Sump Pit
Footer Tiles
Moisture Barriers

French Drain
Perforated Pipe Surrounded by 3/4 inch Stone
Catch Basins
Yard Drains

Driveway Drains
Channel Drain
Trench Drain
Sidewalk Drain
Deck Drain
Concrete Cutting
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Most Crawl Space problems come from no sump pump to remove the water. A typical crawl space may have a discharge point (exit for water) but it is above the footer. This helps when the crawl space floods, but the water must rise up above the floor before it drains.

See below for average cost of installation and service of Sump Pump , Sump Pit, Footer Tiles, and Downspout Drain.

Sump Pumps sit in a basin 24" deep. That means they are below the crawl space floor. This allows for the connection of FOOTER TILES (perimeter drains) that run along the footer inside the crawl space. As water eneters the crawl space, the footer tile (gravel / perforated pipe) collects the water and drains into the sump pit where the sump pump lifts the water up and out through the foundation wall. From there is usually connects to a Downspout Drain where gravity takes over and allows the water to drain out to the street.


Do It Yourself and Save!

New Section of Apple Drains.
Parts for the Do it Yourselfer

We have taken all the emails and calls asking about where to buy sump pump, grate, trench drain, channel drain, catch basin and rainwater drainage products and put them into a categories for you to easily find the part you need. Order Online and Save Big on your next Drainage Project!

We like to help help the Do It Yourselfer and other contractors Do The Job Right!

Its Like I always say on the videos,
"If You Believe you can do something, I guarantee you can do it!"

From that little saying, we know if you are trying to waterproof a foundation or install a French Drain, we know how hard you are working!! Just Believe you can do it and you will!

Check out the Parts Pages. Order online and save some real Money.
Home Depot and Lowes are great, but they don't always have what you really need.

Best Regards,
Chuck with Apple Drains
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FRENCH DRAIN - its just this simple!

A french drain consists of Gravel and Perforated Pipe. It is used to collect Subsurface Water. Often used in low spots in the yard, around the foundation in crawl space or basement.

Whether you are doing the job yourself or paying a contractor, you really need to know How a French Drain Works and Why! The link below goes to our YouTube Channel. This video will help you understand how simple this system really is.

How To Install Perforated Pipe
How To Install Perforated Pipe

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When installing this type of system, be sure to dig deep enough to allow for lots of gravel under your pipe and remember the HOLES POINT DOWN.

Apple Drains
Drainage Contractors


Note: French Drain, Perforated Pipe, Gravel Drain, Yard Drain, Trench Drain, Channel Drain, Catch Basin, Crawl Space, Basement, Footer Tile, Wet Yard, Solution, Apple Drains,


How to waterproof your foundation.

(new article Recent Install with photo's

The key here is DRAINAGE. At the very base of your home there is footer. This is poured concrete about 8 to 10" thick. Then your foundation walls are set on the footer.

A footer tile, is the pipe that runs along the footer helping drain away water before it can rise up into the foundation wall. The pipe is perforated to allow water to enter and is surrounded by gravel. it leads to daylight.

Discharge to daylight means that the pipe will empty onto the ground. It could also be lifted up by a sump pump and still empty on the the ground. This is Discharge To Daylight.

Watch A Video - How To Waterproof Your Foundation


Note: Tags - waterproofing, foundation wall, footer tile, footer drainage, gravel perforated pipe, french drain, yard drain, basement waterproofing, crawl space, crawl space waterproofing, Apple Drains, Columbus OH, Charlotte NC



See Also -

How To Install a Driveway Drain

Best used for sloping driveways, sidewalks, pool patio's, and brick or cement decks that slope toward the house.

See Also: Average Cost to Install a Driveway Channel Drain..

Note: Working in concrete is actually a very clean install. We have the right tools for the right job and you will know..
We'll Make It Right
The First Time!

NDS channel drain is a pretty goodproduct for collecting driveway water runoff. It works best when your driveway slopes towards your garage and you need to collect the water coming down the hill..

Depending on the driveway grade and depth of the garage floor, sometimes a sump pump is needed to lift the water to high enough for gravity to take over. Sometimes there is a downhill run to one side or the other of the driveway and we just need to dig a trench from the the channel drain and install some drain pipe out and away from the area.

Note: Tags: ADS, apple drains, CATCH BASIN, CHARLOTTE, Concrete cut, CRAWL SPACE WATERPROOFING, DOWNSPOUT DRAIN, DRAINAGE, driveway, driveway channel drain, flooded garage, Grate, GRAVEL DRAIN, install, jack hammer, low spot, NC, NDS, NDS Channel Channel Drain, patio drain, PVC, side walk, steep driveway, STORM DRAIN, SUMP PUMP


Roof Water, Downspout, Gutter, French Drain, Gravel Drain, Crawl Space.

Learn more about roof drains and
how much water your roof collects
How much water is collected on your roof during a 1 inch rainfall?
Answer = During a 1 inch rainfall, the average roof of 2000 sq feet gathers 1240 gallons of water.

Where does this water go?

Read more..

Video Help Center
ROOF WATER RECOVERY, Drought Solutions


How Water Enters Your Crawl Space

We Can Help!

Crawl Space Water Problems

Problems / Solutions /Costs

Water comes in a Crawl Space from a number of ways. The most common entrance is through the wall where the fisrt course of brick or block is laid. It also rises up through the ground if the water table is high and can create a pressure hole, where water literally shoots up becuase there is so much pressue in the ground.

** Most Crawl Space Water Problems come from lack of Roof Drains. (downspout drain line) The amount of water the roof gathers is tremendous! - - In avearge 1" rain fall, a 2000 sq ft roof gathers 1100 gallons of water. If there is no Downspout Drain Line, this water is probably going into to your crawl space or basement.

The downspout drain is NOT just a 10 foot piece of pipe pointing out in the yard. PLEASE SEE Downspout Drain Lines for a better understanding.

To help remove water from your crawl space, look at the information below.

See Also Downspout Drain Lines
The most important drain in the system
adn see how much an average install costs.
** Crawl Space Drainage - Related Cost **

Note: Wet Crawl Space? We Can Help!
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Sump Pump Systems


We Wrote The Book On Rainwater Drainage - Copyright - Apple Drains, 1997 - 2009
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"Note to Remember"
** Most Crawl Space Water Problems come from lack of Roof Drains. (downspout drain line) The amount of water the roof gathers is tremendous! - - In avearge 1" rain fall, a 2000 sq ft roof gathers 1100 gallons of water. If there is no Downspout Drain Line, this water is probably going into to your crawl space or basement.

The downspout drain is NOT just a 10 foot piece of pipe pointing out in the yard. PLEASE SEE Downspout Drain Lines for a better understanding.

Downspout Drains - Gutter Drain Lines - Underground Drains

Downspout Drains

Roof Drains, Gutter Drains, Drain Tiles
The Most Important Drain the Rainwater Drainage System.

What is a Roof Drain or Gutter Drain?

This is a pipe that leads from the downspouts and sump pump discharge out to the street or storm drain. We call them Downspout Drains.

This is the Single Most Important part of your Rainwater Drainage System. It carries more water away from your foundation than any other thing, including grading.

Please take a moment to read the articles to the left and below. You will quickly understand how important this underground pipe is for keeping your cralw space, basement and foundation DRY.

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We wrote the book on Rainwater Drains

Related Costs and Info on Downspout Drains, Gutter Drain lines, Underground Drains, Foundation Drains and Sump Pumps

Need Help With Financing?
We Can Help!

See Also Downspout Drains - Roof Drains
(drawing and related costs to cleaning and repair)

Complete System Info
(PDF File - Learn how each system works and how to correct problems)

Downspout Drains - Gutter Drain lines - Underground Drains

Solutions to Southeast Water Crisis, Apple Drains, Drainage Contractors, Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta An average roof of 2000 sq ft, gathers 1,246 gallons of water during a 1 inch rainfall.

Where does this water go?

Without a Downspout Drain Line, the water ends up under your home causing foundation damage, wood rot, moist and wet crawl space, mold, mildew and insects. The Downspout Drain Tile moves the water away from your home and foundation and send it to the street or storm.

The Downspout Drain is the most important drain in the system of rainwater drainage. We sometimes call it the "Main Line" because you can always add more drains to this line. For Example. if you need a yard drain or a cacth basin, we can easily connect those systems to this line, A sump pump discharge needs to drain to the street or strom. With a Downspout Drain Installed, simply connect it and away the way goes.


Channel drains are usually used in a driveways, side walks and patio's to quickly remove water from the surface.

Example - if your driveway or front walk slopes towards your home, You Need A Channel Drain to help collect the water before it causes damage to your foundation, or rots the wood around garage door.

Channel Drains comes in many lengths, sizes and shapes. We prefer to use NDS 5" channel drain with grate. It looks very good when installed across driveways, patio's and sidewalks. Its easy to clean and will last for years to come.

Call Us for a free Estimate. We'll be happy to help
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Do you have it?

Crawl Space Water Problems

Problems / Solutions /Costs
How To Control Mold
To help control Mold Growth, you need to understand how it gets there to begin with..

Mold is a fungus. It will appear when a couple of things are present in your crawl space.
1. High Moisture content or humidity level.
2. Organic matter for the Mold to feed on.

High Mositure or Humidity levels are usually caused by water either inside or outside of the crawl space. When the soil becomes saturated and full of water, the moisture and humidity in the crawl space will rise. Putting vents with fans or dehumidifiers in the crawl space may help a liitle, but the water problem needs to be addressed.

Once the mold finds Organic matter, ie, Joists, Subfloors, Roots that may be in the soil, or even left over building materials, it will be hard to get rid. Not Impossible, but difficult.

Please see the related article for more imformation on Crawl Space Water Problems. Also ask our service tech when he comes out for an inspection. There is a solution and its not that bad.



Foundation Problems?
We Can Help!

The Footer Tile

Read More.....

Why Do I Need a Sump Pump?
Read about Pumps, and how they work.


Yard Drains - Gravel Drains - French Drains

How and why this sytem works!
Its the best way to remove water from your yard.

See also How and Why A French Drain (gravel drain) works!

Also Watch A Short Video of How the Gravel Allows water to flow into the pipe.

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Downspout Drain Line
Some people call this a French Drain, but its actually underground drain pipe leading from the bottom of the downspout out to the street.

Please use the menu to DOWNSPOUT DRAINS to learn more about installing underground drain pipe and associated costs.

DOWNSPOUT DRAIN TILES are the single most important part of your rainwater drainage system. Keep these drains in good working order. If you do not have these underground pipes, have them installed. These drains help keep foundations dry, basements dry and help stop water problems before they occur.

Adding underground drain tiles to your home will move water away from your foundation and basement. This is not simply a piece of pipe that runs out on the yard. That is nothing but an eye sore. The water from these extensions simply travels back underground to the foundation. Do it right! Install Underground Drain Tiles from the downspouts to the street. That's why the city installed Storm Drains in the curb and street.

Read More about Downspout Drains

Note: -
Downspout Columbus Clean Repair Install
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Yard Drain Columbus, OH
French Drain Columbus
Gravel Drain Columbus

Watch Video - How a french drain works
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